Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Los Alamos Poem

Living in Los Alamos,
Is a different kind of life,
Who am I?
I am Angie, Bo Shelly’s wife…
Twins Oaks Restaurant,
Been there once,
Not a bad place to eat,
For breakfast, dinner or lunch
Charlie’s Burgers,
The greatest burger joint,
Yes I like the greasy food,
There’s no reason for you to point.
Javy’s Mexican Restaurant,
Good food at a rapid pace,
Did I mention how quick the service is?
I’ll repeat it just incase.
The city is where I once was from,
No time to meet and greet,
Its different now that I am here,
The friendliness is hard to beat.
No stop lights in the town at all,
Many walking on their feet,
I found it kind of funny that,
There are stop signs on every 4th street.
Goodbye city lights,
Hello stars above,
Hello cows and roosters,
Los Alamos.. I have come to love….

-Some scribbles from off the top of my head, Angie Shelly

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