Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dreaming of Being a Novel Writer?

Novel writing can prove to be a lot of fun, especially if you have what it takes to write one. Think about it, novel writing is probably one of the few things that can eventually give you the feeling of fulfillment from two three points of view: financial, cultural and of course, personal. If you are quite good at writing novels you might be discovered and your novel published. However, you may need a head start, and this article has some really interesting novel writing tips that will help you develop your best novel yet.
Before you Start - Before you write a single word, you may want to have a serious outline of how everything is going to be. Alternatively, of course, you may want to simply sketch some notes and proceed with writing the novel as soon as possible. It very much depends on the writer and his temper. No matter what your way is, before you start writing anything there are some things you may want to know about your novel: The story's subject (is it about a king, a boy, two lovers and so on). Next, outline what is the primary conflict - where does it all start and why (a fight, a death, a wedding, hatred developing and so on). The opposite of the main character (the bad one, or something similar) and, you might want to know how everything turns out - but this is not necessary. You may think of an ending while approaching the end of the novel
Research is important but not imperative - Let us assume that you want to write a novel about a medical tragedy of some sort - you will need to find out many things about medical diseases and other stuff to fill in your book. Still, this may not be your case, and research will be needed in just a few parts of the story. No matter what the case may be, try not to get clogged with research because that is one sure why to kill a novel.
Focus on one scene at a time - When writing a novel it can be rather disturbing to keep thinking that you have to write a novel. Do not think about the whole plot, always focus on the scene you have to write at a certain point.
Novel writing can be pleasing for the mind, and good for the pocket especially if you do it the right way. Why not learn how to develop a great novel that could bring you different satisfactions? If you want to learn more about novel writing and novel writing tips, simply follow this link: http://learn-novel-writing.info

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