Friday, October 24, 2008

The Ghost

by , May 10, 2008

When I first told my family about the occurrence, they didn’t believe me. It wasn’t until they had their own experiences with the ghost that they realized, I wasn’t crazy.
It all started when I was washing clothes one day. As I turned to leave, I turned off the light and it came right back on. I just stared at it in amazement. I knew something wasn'’t right.
Later, I told my family and they were just like anyone else would be. Saying, “Oh there must be a short or something.” They turned the light on and off.
That night, my son came screaming out of his room, “My TV turned on and off by itself!” He was then too scared to sleep in his room.
The next morning, my son returned to his room to find all of his toys piled up in the middle of the floor. He then had it in his mind that he wasn’t ever sleeping in his room again.
Lights would come on in the middle of the night in our home and shadows could be seen on the walls coming from the rooms that were lit up. Toys would go off when no one was playing with them, and I awoke one morning to find my jewelry box standing wide open.
The telephone would ring several times a week with no one on the other end answering. The caller ID would say “Out of Area”. The toilet would flush while we were all in the living room watching TV.
Dishes would rattle in the sink, and things would fall from where they were sitting. Our alarm clock would get turned off while we were asleep making us late for things.
We would wake up to our front door being unlocked when we had locked it the night before. We could hear popping noises coming from my son’s room and the bathroom all the time.
One night when all my children were asleep, I heard someone call my name that sounded like my mother even though she lives 45 minutes away.
Things in our home would be moved from where they were originally put. I liked to light candles but the candles that I lit kept getting blown out right after I would light them.
I went to my parents one day and while there, a paper flew off the top of the TV for no reason. On the way back home something kept pulling at my seatbelt and when I asked my daughter to stop she just replied, “I am no where close to your seatbelt.” That’s when I knew, this ghost could touch you and make things move.
My husband worked the night shift so I took a nap with him and my baby in the mornings while my other children were at school. One morning while I was in bed it seemed to get deathly cold all of a sudden, so I covered my head trying to get warm and that’s when I felt something rubbing the covers over my head. I knew it wasn’t my husband or my baby who slept in the middle of us. They had been asleep for a while. I was terrified, too scared to move, look or even breath. Later when I told my husband he asked, “Do you want to move?” I said, “No.” I couldn’t see just letting whatever this was run all of us off from our home.
A week or two later the TV in the living room came on right after my husband returned to the bed from going to the bathroom. My daughter was even getting scared because she said, “I can feel something touching the top of my covers at night.”
Late one night I heard a little girl singing. There were days when our children were at school that my husband and I could swear that we heard someone getting up out of our daughter’s bed. Her room is next to ours.
We all went out one day and when we returned we found the swing set thrown across the yard on the property line. “How could a wind have done that?”
We asked a preacher about ghosts and he said, “They can link themselves to material things.” That’s when we remembered the used couch we had bought when all this had started and the little girl’s picture we had found in it. And that’s how I ended up buying a new couch.

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  2. OMG! Did buying a new couch help stop the crazieness that was going on in your house? That's pretty scary. You're pretty brave to stay there because if I was in your shoes and my husband asked if I wanted to move I'd say heck yes I want to move! lol I hope things calmed down after you bought a new couch. I have heard strange noises in my house but never experienced things like you just described.


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