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by , Dec 1, 2007
I just love Christmas and all that it brings with it, and I wish that it could last forever.
Boxes with ribbons and big bright bows.
Little children with faces full of glows.
Blinking lights and tinsel, sparkling on just the right tree.
The shaking of presents.
“Oh what could it be?”
A Santa on every corner. “Ho, Ho, Ho!”
People running here and there, to and fro.
Gifts for needy children being collected by those who care.
The feeling of love, felt in the air.
The talk of snow by everyone you meet.
Saying “Merry Christmas” to a stranger on the street.
The drinking of Egg Nog, a Christmas tradition.
The story of Jesus, a must have addition.
Under the mistletoe, with the one you love dear.
Hugging your children and pulling them near.
Christmas, what a feeling, it brings people together.
“Why can’t everyday be like it, now and forever?”

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