Friday, November 14, 2008

Grape Tomato

by , Jan 20, 2008
So good, you can just eat it up!
How does a grape tomato get it's shape?
How does a grape tomato get it's shape?
Is it a tomato crossed with a grape?
Why is a kiwi all covered in fuzz?
Would you say it's like that…just because?
How do you know if a pepper is hot?
If it doesn't burn your tongue, then it is not?
How about a grapefruit--can you tell if it's sweet?
Can you judge this from the outside or not "till you eat?
How about bananas, are they yellow or green?(A favorite for many, if you know what I mean!)And what is this okra, and how do you make it?
For heaven"s sake, don't boil it, just fry it or bake it!
And what do you do with spaghetti squash now?
The best that you can, the best you know how!
Green beans are veggies and melons are fruit,
We want you to eat right because you're so cute!

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