Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What I Am

by , Oct 27, 2008
Terror fills the hollow soul...

Running back with no place to go.
Fighting onto endless grace.
Heat and torn, too much to face.
Why so sad in your place?
Despite my anger, my pain, my shame.
You came, you saw, I was never the same.
Empty center with a joyous mask.
A lie you shattered, oh at last.
Bared it all out to be seen.
Can't Hide, not a single thing.
This fallen mirth, you raised up.
This broken glass, you filled this cup.
Fears calmed with my reason loved.
Can't flee or get free of.
My emotions real, not a lie.
Heaven and earth, there grows a tie.
You found me in that darken place.
You smiled at me and touched my face.
No words express or tears match.
Hate, hurt, sorrow you dispatched.
What faith you had in me first.
Even when your name I cursed.
I cried out why and looked away.
Yet here you are, and here you stay
God, you loved the monster before the man.
Not what I was but what I am.

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1 comment:

  1. perfectly rendered sweet but guiltful poem.. :)

    thanks for dropping by my site and i'm glad you appreciated it,

    you have a nice blog! i'm following :D


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