Thursday, November 6, 2008

You Know Who You are

by , Nov 5, 2008
One's true colors often display themselves in a crisis. Sometimes they are rainbow-like; sometimes they're not so pretty.

If you had the chance to help me in life,
To overcome some rough spot, some moment of strife
Would you help me out in my time of need?
Or would you let me down--because of your greed?
To say something one way and then mince your words,
To say then, “No, sorry, that's not what you heard….”
You say you will help in each possible way…
Did you mean that for now--or for some other day?
You assure me I'm there in your prayers every night
But I still find your God hasn't made all things right
So if given the chance to help out--would you do it?
Or would you just stand back and hope I get through it?
It takes a big person to say when they're wrong
And I thought you would help me, I did, all along--
So the question still faces you,
Take a look deep--
Are you a kind person
or are you a creep?

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