Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Midnight's Child

by , Aug 31, 2008
I wrote this when I was fifteen after my boyfriend's suicide.
There was a place where every time
When the rage inside
Grew to the place where pain would seek to find.
Now, I can't see the sun rise.
In my dark place of mystery,
Come to me, angry child.
Take the lead.
Don't become Midnight's Child.
Don't walk into the fire.
Can't you see, nothing's lost?
The candle burns for our cause.
There is a place for everyone
In this world of shame.
I once took the chance, gambled and won.
No longer the beast loose to maim,
But it's a mystery,
This world of foreign breed.
Turn the sun to red; make it bleed.
Still you become Midnight's child,
Destined to walk into the fire.
In your world, all is lost.
Your candle burns no more; gone with its friendly spawn.
Once a place for everything
In a world of pure desire.You crave only one thing,
A flicker of the forgotten fire.
That spark is gone, innocent child.
Your spirit lost to the crier.
Come back, sweet child, midnight now your guide.
Will you forever stay Midnight's Child?
Becoming one with the fire?
In your soul of lost and found,
In darkness, you are bound.

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