Monday, February 2, 2009

Soul Felt Feelings

by , Feb 1, 2009
My soul felt feelings as anxiously awaiting the day of my son's return.

As I sit and wonder,
where are you as I write.
you are my youngest son,
and into war you go to fight.
The way that I feel inside,
the worry I do tell.
as God I pray protect him
from that place we all call hell.
If you listen closely,
I am sure you'll here the chant,
of all the men and woman sent into war,
for our freedom they will grant.
Proud Americans as they do stand
with all of us in mind.
as they walk in dangers way
until home again they'll find.
As a Mother I cant explain,
the way my soul is felt.
As I sit and wonder,
what else to him will be dealt.
Be safe for me my angel,
as you walk the danger side
Ill wait for you until the day,
home again you come with pride.

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