Thursday, September 24, 2009

Martie`s Writers Window

Martie`s Writers Window

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Sun Comes Up, the Sun Goes Down

by , Mar 2, 2009
Something that's on my mind.
The sun comes up, and the sun
goes down.
The leaves show color,
and then the leaves turn brown.
Two come together, and one falls down,
The other one picks her up, and there’s love all around.
It’s quite profound,
It’s like Romeo and Juliet
but in a modern day town.
Independence is not defined
through being alone.
Continue living your life,
it’s precious and not to be disowned.
Love is not something
you should put on hold.
A heart is not something that can be sold.
Life is a story that cannot be foretold
Stand by the one you love, as you grow old.
I know it’s unpredictable but you shouldn’t be afraid,
Tell me what your feeling, take down the blockade.
Open your eyes, stay out of the shade,
The sun is shining don’t let your life fade.
Lets start a crusade,
To change the way love is portrayed.

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