Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love, Pure and Simple

by , Aug 18, 2008
Love, simple and true.

Think of the softest, finest velvet, warm and sensual, that's how she feels, think of the sheerest most perfect shimmering gossamer, that's what her skin looks like, her hair, straight, sleek and it shines like a waterfall cascading. The girl has entered my heart and I know she'll never leave. I try to clear my head of her image and concentrate on the workload lying on my desk, yet here I am a 38-year-old insurance clerk, day dreaming of a girl I have briefly met. Every time I close my eyes I see her, I can smell her perfume, I just want to hold her, my god, I'm a macho guy, not some fancy pants describing softness in its rawest form, not some Romeo sweeping the princess off her feet.In case you think I'm some kind of fruit case I'd better introduce myself, I'm Dave walker, I lead a non-descriptive lifestyle, I drink with the lads and pop to mums for a Sunday roast every third Sunday and I've just met Lisa.
Think of solid timber, the strongest kind, of mountains so high they take your breath away, of dark glossy coal, that's what his eyes remind me of, I can smell woody pine and that's his smell, oh my god, I can't get him out of my head, I must type this work up and forget Dave and concentrate, I'm too old at thirty seven to be daydreaming I'm a down to earth secretary for an insurance company.
Our story starts when we were working on a joint venture of our companies, Dave works for west and son and I work for Jilkers UK.
My money had not been accepted by the vending machine and he bought my coffee for me, he handed me the money and our hands touched briefly, that was enough, just a simple gesture, but it showed me he had a thoughtful, kind manner. We met for lunch, the evening meal and drinks, everything was perfect.
Her money had been rejected and she looked so angry, her eyes shone and I swear she stamped her foot. I bought her coffee and it went from there. She was perfect.Months have gone by now and we are so happy, even the annoying habits are acceptable.
Walks in the park are the best, they cost nothing and as we are saving for our future together we make the most of them. We feed the ducks and picnic in the summer, the sun's warmth tingling bare arms and legs.
Our lives are simple, nothing dramatic happens, no mountains move, we are just happy. Dave's not a romantic but the red roses and the champagne suppers are treasured by me. Lisa's not one of those soppy, giggly girls, but her texts speak volumes and the way she prepares my favourite meal with candles around the room, wearing the slinkiest clothing you can think of, to me that is pure romance.
We are sitting here by the sea, the sun is setting and the orange glow across the water can be seen for miles, the air is warm and the sand soft, we are holding each other in silence, watching the shimmering waters, simple people leading simple lives. I stroke her hair it smells so sweet, he holds me in his arms so strong, so loving.My love for Lisa has expanded beyond belief tonight, she put her tiny hand in mine, and she looked into my eyes and kissed my lips, so soft, so gentle. I never thought my love for Dave could grow anymore, he holds my hand, and when I told him he was going to be a dad I felt his happiness and love in his kiss. There's not a lot of romance or money in our lives, just pure love.

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