Monday, September 29, 2008

Summer Storms

by , Mar 20, 2008
Summer storms are exciting for me and my family.

Sitting on my back porch swing,
listening to my children sing.
Summer breezes blowing through my hair,
as storms approach us from nowhere.
The smell of honeysuckle ripe on the vine mixes with a cool mist so fine.
Watching the trees do their dance,
with each gust bowing,
to the rain by chance.
Lightning flashes in our eyes,
proceeded by thunder with all its’ surprise.
Leaves take flight like a baby bird, bobbing and falling,that looks so absurd.
Up from the dirt comes a funnel of dust, then another rumble, the rain clouds bust.As each drop of water hits the ground, I can almost hear a sizzling sound.We can see the heat as it starts to rise, like it’s the earth’s spirit flying to the skies.Now the day is as dark as the night, which makes the lightning seem more bright.The rain is coming down so fast; I know that all this excitement will not last.So, we sit and swing and enjoy the show, singing to the storms on their go.They hug our bodies with their windy embrace, kissing us with rain on our face.Their wispy fingers play the chimes, nothings more beautiful than these times.They leave us as quickly as they are seen, washing our world and leaving it green.

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  1. This is a beautiful memory poem, I can smell the freshness of the storm!


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