Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beyond the Layers

by , Sep 2, 2008
Even though man looks on the outward appearance,
only God can know what lies underneath.
Others see a broken soul pleading for help,
All I see is a strong soul searching for its other half,
Others see an ugly person inside and out,
All I see is a beauty misunderstood by the masses,
Like a rose…
all people critique are the thorns,
But I see the beauty in it thorns and all,
Life has left your soul scarred,
And people mock you scars failing to realize their own,
I see beyond the scars into the beautiful being I love,
With all imperfections…fears…and ambitions,
Do not mind what others say,
They do not matter,
It's ok to be yourself…
because those that matter won't mind,
They'll still love you no matter what you do.


Glynis Smy

Aaron Hanlon

B Nelson


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