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Funny Moments From the Ward

by , Aug 14, 2008
Nursing isn't all about sickness and death.

During the years as a nurse I came across some characters that made the job worthwhile. Here are some of the things that happened to me.
This was an elderly patient with a terminal illness, he was a gentleman, and a kind heart and a huge smile were what got him a place in my heart. He knew he was dying. He would only be called by his Christian name; I have changed it for this story though.
Joe - Nurse I am worried
Me - Oh Joe, why?
Joe -well I am going to die
Me -yes, we all are at some stage
Joe -no I am going soon
Me -Ok how does that make you feel?
Joe -a bit worried now you asked me that!
We laughed together
Joe - What I want to know is will I need any money?
Me - What do you mean?
Joe - Will I need any money to take to Heaven?
Me- I don't think so, I think we leave all those sort of things behind
Joe - So why do people put stuff in your coffin?
Me - I think it helps them feel comforted knowing you have possessions etc
Joe- I am having my will changed now, I am having £100 put in my coffin with me, I am not so sure and I don't want to get there without any money
Me-Oh, (lost for words) good idea
Later that morning
Joe - Nurse will you come to my funeral?
Me- If that would make you happy, yes
Joe - aahh, that's nice, why?
Me being a bit cheeky and wanting to lighten the mood, said:
"'cos I know where there is a £100 for the taking!"
We chuckled together, sadly Joe passed on a week later, I did attend his funeral but his money is intact.
I was helping a lady into the bathroom when she asked if I knew God, I thought she meant, did I go to church or had religion, I told her I had personal views and that I was not to get into talk about my personal opinions. She asked again, did I know God, again I explained my previous statement. She sat on the toilet and sighed deeply, I thought she would need a bit of privacy and turned towards the door, she stopped me by calling out very loudly "God, I can't find one bu**er on this ward that knows you, all I want to do is get someone to ask you if we come back to you intact or will I want my good set of teeth in when I die?
This nurse walked politely out of the door and ran into the office for a good cry, tears of laughter fell in abundance!

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Another wonderful story Glynis! - Mrst

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