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Ghostly Music

by , May 11, 2008
Ever wanted something so badly and it turned out unexpectedly?
This happened 30 years ago and the memory still lingers on.
As a child, my parents pampered me and they still do, bless them. They would purchase anything I wanted, of course within reason, and I wanted a piano. I love the sound the piano makes, nothing compares with the beautiful notes swelling from within a wooden hollow structure with string. Not even an electronic keyboard that tries it's best to mimic the sound! I pestered my parents, promising that I would attend lessons and faithfully practice playing the piano daily. Lo and behold, the piano was bought!
The preparation began at home. My parents were moving the furniture around to make space for the piano and I was so impatient that I was constantly bugging my mom when the piano was arriving. I still remember the day the piano was delivered to the house, it was as if a part of me had arrived to make me whole.
As promised, I attended piano classes and practiced daily. I usually left the keyboard cover up as I would sit at the piano to play a little each time I walked past it.
About six months later, I was not as enthusiastic to attend the piano lessons as I was before. Then something mysterious happened. Every other night, my mother would hear some soft musical notes from the piano!
The first time when she heard it, she thought nothing of it. When she heard it again a couple of nights later, she woke my dad but he didn't hear it as the musical notes had stopped. When it happened again, my mom, who was by now not sleeping well, woke my dad and that time he heard it for himself! He jumped out of bed and went to take a look. Nothing!
By now, my parents were both not sleeping well and they did not tell me that anything was amiss - after all, I was the one who wanted the piano! I did not notice the dark rings under their eyes but I was too young then, but I remember they were not as cheerful as they were before the piano's arrival.
They shared the news with my grandparents and they decided to stay over. I never found out the reason for their sudden decision to stay over until later. Usually when my grandparents were coming for a visit, it would be planned and their room would be prepared for them before they arrived. That day, my grandparents came over, and I was surprised as their room was not ready.
A couple of nights later, my grandparents also heard the ghostly music coming from the piano. Then for the next couple of nights, I was wondering why my grandparents were going to bed later then usual. Unfortunately, when they stayed up, there was no trouble. It was only when all the lights were off then would the ghostly music start.
My dear old grandpa suggested getting a dim night light near the piano and leave it on the whole night. And so it was done. For the next couple of months nothing happened. All was well again. That was when my parents shared with me what had happened as I was asking them about the newly installed night light. You can imagine the fear that gripped me as I found out the MY piano had a "night life" of its own!
After three months after installing the night light, my parents heard the ghostly music again and this time so did I! You bet, after knowing what I knew, I was not sleeping too well either! I flew into my parents' room with my heart pounding so hard. I never knew such fear in all my life! My hands were icy cold, and I had goose pimples all over. Even now as I tell you this story, I still recall the fear that gripped me, never have I felt such fear to strike me.
Again, my grandparents came for a sudden visit. Now I knew why! Little did I know, my dear grandparents had been taking turns to stay up late each night. As they stayed up, they would sit quietly and prayed.
One night, my grandpa decided to stay up a little later than usual. Suddenly, we heard the ghostly music and immediately followed by my grandpa laughing loudly! We thought something really BAD happened to him. We rushed in to see him wiping tears from his eyes as he continued laughing. With the lights on, we could see that physically he was alright but he was still laughing very hard with one hand pointing at the piano.
We had to wait for him to catch his breath before he could tell us what happened. Then he related his tale. He was going to stretch his legs after sitting for so long, when he happened to glance over to the piano before getting up. That was when it happened! Just as he turned his head to the piano, the ghostly music started! Upon closer observation, it was a MOUSE! It was running on the keyboard. We stared in disbelief at each other! A mouse had caused all those sleepless nights and stress. We all shared a good laugh as tension was released from our bodies and minds. That night, we all slept like babies. Now, I never leave my piano cover up ever again.

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