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Raining Animals and Coins: Mystery of the History

by , Mar 7, 2008
Did you ever see animals raining? Raining animals is a rare phenomenon with occurrences in many countries throughout history. These occurrences may be evidence for the transport of the victims to high altitudes, where the temperature is below zero, and they show how powerful meteorological forces can be.
Raining fishes:
In 1859 fishes had rained in Glamorganshire, England. Thousands of fishes were jumping to the surprise of the people. Later the fishes were released into water. Another incident took place in Louisiana, America in 1947. But the fallen fishes were dead and some were frozen in ice. In 1969 a big fish had fallen from the sky on a church father in Sydney, Australia and immediately it floated along with water. In 1989, 800 small fishes had fallen from the sky in the corridor of a house in Ipswich, Australia. Very recently raining of fishes occurred in Kerala, India. These are some of the examples of raining fishes.
Raining frogs:
Frogs had rained in Chalon sur Saone, France very long ago. In 1901, frogs had rained in Minneapolis, America. According to local people, the sky appeared green as if it wore a green blanket before raining. In Naphilon, Greece, people saw hundreds of frogs jumping from trees in 1981. Later Weather Department of Greece announced that a big storm carried those frogs. But interesting news is that all those frogs belonged to North Africa.
Raining crocodiles and lizards:
In Silvertown, America, Dr. J.L. Smith observed some big objects falling from sky. Later he found that they were crocodiles; each one was 12 inches long and they were safe even though they had fallen from the up. This incident occurred in 1877. In 1857, lizards had rained in Montreal. Then people found lizards everywhere.
Raining of other animals:
An unidentified animal, may be a cow, fell in California ripped to tiny pieces in 1869. Similar incident occurred in Bath County, Kentucky in 1876. Jelly fish fell from the sky in Bath, England in 1894. Assorted dead birds including ducks, wood peckers and canaries fell in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1896. People from Matagalpa, Nicaragua reported that they found some turtles fallen down from the sky in 1990. In 2007 worms had dropped from the sky in Jennings, Louisiana.
Raining coins, money:
There have been many incidences of raining money down from the sky. In 1940 nearly 1000 coins fell in the Meshchera region of Russia during a storm. To our surprise, all those coins belonged to 16th century. In 1956, pennies and half pennies plopped down on children in Hanham, England as they were heading home from school. In 1957, numerous 1,000 franks currency notes had showered on gathered people. In 1976, two clergymen watched as 2,000 marks worth of bank notes fluttered down from a clear sky in Limburg, West Germany. In 1982, number of children in Manchester, England ran to a nearby shop to buy chocolates. Shopkeeper suspected the children that they had stolen money from the fund in Church. But the children told him that the coins fell down from the sky. At last he believed after verifying the fund. These are some of the incidents that are very amazing.
Raining blood:
In 1846 red rain fell in Li Yan, France which frightened the people. Later they found that it was due to the mixing of red sand of Sahara Desert in water because of a strong wind. About 300,000 kilograms of sand was found there at that time. Later, in 1890, Popular Science News published a story that real blood had rained in Calabria, Italy. People believed that strong winds tore the bodies of flocks of birds and their blood was showered as rain. But there was incidence of neither the strong wind nor the dead bodies of birds. This stood as a mystery in history. In 2001, red rain fell in Kerala, India. According to Scientists, it was due to red algae.

Raining without clouds:
We know that clouds cause rain. But rain fell without clouds in Charlotte, America in 1886. There it had been raining without clouds for three weeks. In the same year another strange incident happened in Ikin. There it was raining from morning to night continuously only at two graveyards but no where else.
Strange rain from over hundred years:
In Honduras, Middle America, fishes fall from the sky every year between the months of May and July for three hours. This has been happening for over hundred years. There is an interesting story regarding this. In 1864, a church father prayed God for three days and three nights to redeem the poor from hunger. Since then this rain is falling every year. In 1970 experts from National Geographic Society tested and found that those fishes are blind having the length of 6 inches and they live only in under ground water.
Scientists say tornadoes are the reasons for these strange rains. But how African frogs rained in France and how the coins rained from the sky? Still it remains as a mystery in the history!

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