Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tears of a Bruised Sky

by , May 24, 2008
A possible reason for a drought.

It's ironic that tears of a bruised sky heal,
That we're nourished by its pain.
Here we are, begging it to weep
When no one questions why it withholds.
It's just a thought, but
Wouldn't the sky delight in seeing
Our pesticide-laced fields dry?
Our wasteful yachts run aground
As we discover just how much
We've taken advantage of its tears?
I know if I were the sky right now,
I'd be pretty pissed.I'd be like: I gave you this gift for so many years
But now enough is enough.
You're abusing it with avaricious stuff!
I'd be filled with angry, savage joy.
I sympathize with the sky.
I know I wouldn't cry.

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