Sunday, October 5, 2008

Walk Home

by , Sep 11, 2008
This was inspired by my favorite artist. This is very special to me because I didn't realize what he meant to me until after I wrote this.

It was a cloudy night in New York
As we walk the streets
You smoked your cigarette
And held my hand
We spoke with smiles
Not saying a word aloud
People littered the streets
We were headed to your apartment
To relax and find us
Find out where we were headed
We had high hopes for ourselves
Since we felt our connection
And thought it was something special
Our long talks and emails
As we got closer to our destination
You put your arm around me
As a sign that you felt close to me
We again spoke through smiles
Telling how this was good
And that we would be good together
Arriving at the location
You search to find keys
But finding ourselves in an embrace
Kissing as the fireworks explode
The sky full of bright colors
And finding the love we had
Been searching for together

For more by Jackie Stroud please click here

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  1. Thank you for displaying my work. It means a lot to me that you liked it.


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