Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Danny the Lama 1: Inspirational Thoughts from the Guru of Modern Society

by , Nov 19, 2008

Funny thoughts for the day.

The true measure of a man is how badly he can treat someone who can do him no harm to him what so ever.
When a good person is troubled, an angel descends from heaven to remind them just how worthless they truly are and the good person bows their head in shame.
When a bad person is troubled an angel descends from heaven and is promptly told to sod off.
Abandoning gossip to spare the feeling of others is a pointless endeavour. Be sure, they are all talking about you anyway so beat them to it and spread the word.
Kicking others when they are down is the only sure way of staying on top.
Find your local Biodiesel supplier and ridicule them. For they only want to save the world for the rising animal armies of the world. And remember a monkey would put you in a cage if it could.
The strength of a man's virtue should not be measured by his special exertions but rather by his habitual acts. (I don't know what this means either.)
If all the land were turned to burgers and all the seas to pop and all the forests to Swizzle sticks, it still could not feed the gluttony of Texas. So say's the holy Lama, (Not me of course. I think the heavily armed Texan's are lovely)
Everything in the universe is connected. You cannon separate any part from the whole. Although the tax man will try very hard.
These are the words of the one true Danny the lama.

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