Thursday, November 20, 2008

Distant Hills of Time

by , Nov 19, 2008
The mountains and hills of Cyprus hold many secrets and every year the secret feeds us all.
Distant hills of time
Jagged rocks hold close,
the secrets of days gone by,
Mountainous layers divine, reveal,
show history to this absorbing mind,
delight my soul, break through the clouds
release your vibrant energy.
Foot trodden mounds and beaten ground,
life erupts from beneath your beating heart,
sustenance and beauty combine,
dressing green, distant hills of time.
Voices from the past,
echo around your creviced paths,
whispers of time gone by,
the lushness of your body sustains,
breathes life from distant hills of time.

There is a beautiful photo with the original poem. I highly recomend that you click the title of the poem so you can view it as well!- MrsT

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