Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Many Meanings of the Kiss

by , Sep 27, 2008
It's really funny how many of them there are and that most of them go unnoticed by others who are not the givers or receivers.
What is a kiss?But a way of self-expression.You kiss to say hello; you kiss to say goodbye.You kiss when you are happy; you even kiss when you cry.You kiss your mother; you kiss your friend.You kiss your baby from the beginning and you kiss your dying loved one in the end.You kiss at your wedding, sealing your unite.You kiss your children, while telling them goodnight.Some even kiss their dog, as if he really cares.Some kiss others just to satisfy what someone dares.There are birds who spend all day giving a kiss to each other.There are animals who lick their young as if they know a kiss is supposed to come from a mother.A kiss can be blown straight across a room and caught in another's hand.I have even seen some farmers get down on the ground, just to kiss their land.Kisses have many meanings and they all seem to do something, in a way.How many kisses do you give and receive? Who or what will you kiss today?

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