Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tortured Mind

by , Dec 1, 2008
Looks deep into a writer's mind.
I sit here alone, blinded by the dark.
The words that I write, are to reach someones heart.
The pain in my soul, is not for the weak.
The pain in my mind, I wish not to keep.
I continue on, like a madman, insane.
Will I make it through, just one more day.
To do what I do, is like living a lie.
To walk in my shoes, you surely would die.
I see the demons, all through my head.
The demons of the past, are the ones that I dread.
Will I survie, can I be normal.
Or will the demons take over, my head so informal.
What do I do, I just want to scream.
Can I wake up, is it a dream.
This is no dream, it's my reality.
So I write it down, for the world to see.

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