Monday, December 22, 2008

Grandfather Gave Me a Gift

by , Dec 21, 2008
I often write by hand, rather than keyboard, I use an ink pen my Grandfather bought me when I wrote my first poem as a child. I am fortunate as he invested in a brand that I can refill as it is quite a few years old now. This my tribute to that gift, I always feel my Grandfather is a little closer when I use it.
Oh Mistress take me!
I will earn my crust,
please allow me time,
I will earn your trust.
Push me, work me!
I will lay down my soul,
please allow me time,
let not fatigue take its toll.
Force my flowing fluid,
I will prove my worth,
please allow me time,
to words I will give birth.
Lay me down to rest,
I have fulfilled my task,
please allow me time,
I have done as you did ask.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my work, Peace and Happiness to you for the festive season and 2009, my friend x


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