Monday, January 26, 2009

One More Bridge to Cross

by , Jan 26, 2009
There always seems to be another bridge.
Times are hard
But they could be worse
Bad luck isn’t new
It’s an age old curse
I know if I sit back
And bide my time
My soul will reach out
And touch my mind
I’m working hard now
To be my own boss
Another step ahead
I got one more bridge to cross
Taking it easy
With the sun going down
I sit back and listen
To night with out sound
I think I have heard it said
A million times before
At the end of life
Awaits a golden door
Fact becoming superstition
Superstition becoming fact
Everything is losing place
Nothing seems intact
Don’t tell me that the end is easy
Because I don’t think it fits
I don’t think were going to find
A place where golden angels sit
We're not going to find a home
Like children who are lost
I have opened up the golden door
And there’s one more bridge to cross

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  1. Terribly sad, but surely something everyone can identify with.


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