Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter Snows

by , Jan 31, 2009
The changing landscapes.
Winter snow, I watch you drifting,
as the north winds ever shifting,
drive you onward or'e the trees,
and the cries that I am hearing,
as out the window I am peering,
bundled up in blankets,
so I won't freeze.
I watch you glisten in the night,
as my fantasies take flight,
with a cup of warm cocoa in my hand.
I think of when I was a child,
and how I piled,
you up in to a big snowman.
with a carrot nose,
and coal for eyes,
that made you look so surprised,
as though the snow I ran.
Remembering that little girl,
as I watch you whirl,
old winter snow,
you have always been my friend.

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  1. A memory of a little girl playing in the snow came to mind, I still like to see snow but from a distance! This was lovely


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