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The Spectrum

by , Jan 11, 2009
A look at both ends of the spectrum, a struggle with temptation, in a humorous poetic way. I also threw in a few plugs for Triond Folk.
This is about a choice we must make. Please remember when reading this that God has a sense of humor also. I hope no one takes this wrong and thinks it is sac religious or blasphemous because it is not. I have a nickname for Jesus, I call him JC, and insofar, he's been pretty good to me. Sorry, can't help it, you guys know I love to rhyme and keep a line in time.
Get away from me
To you I don't belong
You tried to take my soul
And buy it for a song
Your incorrigibility
And history so long
Go back into your hole
Or smoke another bong
I belong to another
You're A liar
You said you were my brother
But no you are not
You simply lie a lot
I will not be tempted
By your false reality
You're the one who lied to Eve
About the fruit upon the tree
You've not been satisfied
Since your fall from grace
I will simply choose
A softer warm embrace
I'm not on the fence
Not even close not at all
I way over here
On the other side of the wall
The spectrum has two ends
One is love and grace
The other is dark
And surely will fall
No thanks
I'll stay over here
With the lamb standing tall
And accept his protection
Blessed protection from it all
I think I'll stay right here
And wait for God to call
You see Heaven is big and grand
Hell is small and bland
Remember the foundation
Was on the rock
And not the sand
You can never wash away
His love or his hand
He is the way the truth and the life
You offer ugliness pain and strife
I've clearly made my choice
I'll answer the call of the Almighty voice
I've got the best insurance money can buy
I've got the Big Guy up in the sky
So I look at it like this
Hell sucks
But Heaven is bliss
So serpent my ass you can kiss
Because I'm not going to miss
My ticket into the gate
Where St. Peter does await
I'll chose the better fate
Besides Heaven puts better food on the plate
Hell has no such planIt's a garbage can
Hell has no telephone booth
The Dark One has no couth
You see God has a phone
Near the throne
On the wall
And he always answers the call
This telephone service is free
It will last through infinity
But make no mistake
It came with a heavy cost
The Lambs earthly life was lost
He bled human blood for we
So we could get in for free

I would like to introduce you all to a couple of God's soldiers who are fighting the good fight. Papaleng and AC Hamilton III. I also have discovered a couple of master poets in Brick Parker, Trisha and Christine Ramsey invite you to pay them a visit. Also I want to throw in a little plug for one of my first friends, SA Johnston, who has a great story going now called Dark Love. I of course thank all the other friends who have helped so much, most especially, Lauren, Debbie Mann, Bren Parks, Allison and Christy Tuller. Amazing ladies, all. I might write a thank you article and include every friend and fan. Oops, I forgot Morgana and Ca Johnston, who will keep you up on Hollywood stuff and daytime TV. Morgana is simply outstanding. If I didn't mention anyone's name, I will later, all these people are in my friends box, hope I spelled all their names right.

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