Monday, January 19, 2009

To Rid Our Lives of Evil

by , Jan 19, 2009
Alone and deranged.
I turn the page,and wonder if I’ll find my name.
Life can be damaging,
People are so demanding,
All they search for is attention and fame.
Looking for things with monetary value,
Might as well be a statue,
A pawn in the modern day game.
You’re just like cancer,
I look into you for an answer,
And you eat away at my brain.
Diseased since birth,
You carry a curse,
And live your life in reverse.
I’m like a volcano, full of molten lava,
Trying to cause you trauma,
To rid our lives of drama.
Out of place and awkward,
Illogical and absurd,
You give us your word,
And take it right back.
Out of your mind.
You want back what’s yours,
I want back what’s mine.

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