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by , Dec 10, 2008
This was written for a girl I knew in high school who died at the age of sixteen.
When we were children
We dreamed of another day,
Playing dress-up with our mother's clothes,
With over-sized shoes that never seemed to fit.
We laughed, believing we would never grow old.
Dear Julia, how did you know?
Something changed on that journey to the grown up world.
Worlds apart, you took the dangerous path.
Too many years passed without you,
My dearest Julia.
Come and save me from my grief.
Like the fiery bird flying from the ash.
The Phoenix you became.
Becoming the creature, the flames destined to burn out.
Begone, I sing to my forgotten sun.
Never a lucid being were you meant to be.
Another day, another way, you might.
Rise, sweet Julia.
Say goodbye to the moon.
The tambourine man lives here no more.
His song was a prayer that cut to the core.
Give me a day, a moment to be a child with you again.
A pray to the sun.
Give us a world of innocence, one without sin.
There are no more chances for our Julia.
I can see.
What I would give to join you, my sweet Julia.
No more would I be
Champion to your victim.
But like a fiery bird, you have fled to the ash.
Goodbye, mystical Phoenix.
All proof of you now lives in the past.
Julia now sleeps.
No more pain befalls her.
I pray the lord her soul to keep.

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