Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Petrified Forest

by , Nov 19, 2008
Another one of those crazy poems.
Alone in my room
Consumed by the darkness.
The lonely flicker of the light
Flashes from the clock radio.
I stare into the light,
My eyes squinting.
I dare not look away.
This is my future, this darkness.
Day after day, the bulb grows dimmer.
Soon, the light will fade away.
Into oblivion, it must retreat.
All senses minus one must live.
Seeing without Seeing
In this petrified forest of nowhere.
Swords clash.
Demons die.
In this forest of dreams I am all things,
In the valley of one
I choose the players.
No friends, no enemies, I have none.
Only me in my my dream.

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  1. I like the line "seeing without seeing" nicely put.


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