Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Love of my Life

by , Dec 7, 2008
For my daughter.
With a world gone wrong, she’s the voice of the future.
With the smile on her face, you see a girl who’s so sure.
Look in her eyes, the color of the sea.
Those beautiful eyes, a version of me.
When things go wrong, she gives me a kiss.
With her on my side, there’s no way to miss.
A delicate flower, you handle with care.
A beautiful person, daddy’s always there.
When the worlds too hard, she runs to my arms.
I hold her close, like a good luck charm.
I look to the sky, to the Heavens above.
And give thanks for a daughter, so easy to love.
When life goes wrong, I look in the eyes.
Of my beautiful daughter, and know I’m alive.

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